EDDM and list services

Thompson Mailing Solutions makes your mail campaign more effective with EDDM lists and printing!

The United States Postal Service (USPS) offers Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM) service to help direct your mailing to specific carrier routes. We utilize this basic and cost-effective USPS service to provide you with the ability to “drill down” on mailing lists. As a result, you are not wasting resources directing print and postage to people that are not in your target audience.

For example, a pediatric dentist’s targeted mailing will be to routes where more families live. Similarly, a moving company will target routes with more apartments than single-family dwellings. They know that apartment residents move more often.

Age of residents, amount of businesses, business types, income, amount of families, residence types, etc. are all useful filters. These filters allow you to direct mailings to mail routes that will likely give your business the best response.

Thompson Mailing Solutions plus the EDDM program will get you the best response for your mail program. Our full-stack service allows us to print your mail piece, provide you a mail list, print list addresses on the postcards, and post them for you all at one time. Consequently, you get better service, lower cost, and a more effective result.

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What does EDDM Mean?

EDDM (Every Door Direct Mailer) is a bulk mailing solution provided by the United States Postal Service so that a business can reach the potential customers (or area of customers) without knowing their address. Simply choose the mailing routes you feel would benefit your business and your mail pieces will be delivered to every active address on your designated route.

What is EDDM Lists?

We use industry data lists (based on census and other data) to help you narrow down your leads to specific business professions, income, residences, etc. Picking your list helps you target your audience and not just stuff mailboxes.

How much does EDDM cost?

The current USPS EDDM retail rate is $0.18 per piece. That is about 7 cents over standard letter mail or 3 cents over the 4×6 postcard first-class postage rate. 1000 postcards or more can add up fast in savings. Additional savings can be applied if we print as well.

Why do EDDM with Thompson Mailing?

Unlike the USPS we also can do printing as well as your list and postage. Online printing companies like Vistaprint do not offer postage solutions. Thompson Mailing Solutions does all three so you can sit back and take care of new customers from your direct mail blast.

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